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New Cancer Cases

November 15, 2020 - The number of new cases of cancer this year will exceed 16 million worldwide for the first time. This is an increase with 60% compared to 20 years ago and is due to the growing and aging population, and adoption of unhealthy lifestyles.

Tobacco is still the biggest single source for developing malignant tumors and lung cancer the most common form of cancer. The relative risk for a regular smoker to develop lung cancer compared to a non-smoker is between 20 and 30 times higher. Even involuntary tobacco smoke may increase the lung cancer risk by 20 percent.

The connection between smoking and lung cancer was already established in a report in 1957. They then estimated that the mortality rate caused by lung cancer had doubled from 1945 to 1955. Today, more than 10 million people worldwide dies from smoking every year.

The best way to avoid getting cancer is staying away from cancer-causing agents like tobacco and industrial carcinogens. It is also important to stay healthy with physical activity, and in general avoid fat food, refined carbohydrates and animal protein. Since there is still no cure for cancer, the best way to deal with cancer is early detection. In that way patients can start treatment as soon as possible which gives a lower mortality rate.
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