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November 21, 2030 - More manufacturers of electronic equipment are now joining the battery standard, based on the new generation of rechargeable batteries that can keep your TV run for 40 hours without recharging. They will soon be able to run basically all equipment at your home, the computer, toaster, lamps, vacuum cleaner, and they are even considered for washing machines.

The development of rechargeable batteries took off with the mobile devices 30 years ago. A common problem was the short time that you could use your portable computer before recharging. People have talked about fuel cells to run your home equipment but tests that were made didn't show an interest from the market to constantly refill the batteries.

When these products hit the market, the only electric cord that you will have at home will eventually be the one to the battery recharger. You will always have one battery in the recharger and whenever one of your devices tells you that they are short, you switch. The size of the battery will be like your credit card but one-third inch thick. A battery will come with every new device you buy, and if you want some extra, they will be about US$ 59 a piece.

You don't have to feel stressed to run out and buy new equipment; there is no risk that they will cut the electricity to your house, and if you are a cord freak you will find plenty of devices on the market for a long time.
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