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180 Million Deaths

June 26, 2030 - The total number of deaths from HIV/AIDS worldwide is now said to have passed 180 million people, since it was recognized 50 years ago. The most infected are to find in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

AIDS is the worst pandemic ever to have hit mankind, and have caused more deaths than the Spanish Flu in 1918-1919 and the Black Death in the 14th century combined. Well, you can add the deaths caused directly by the two world wars during the 20th century too, and AIDS will still outnumber them all. More than half of the deaths from HIV originates from the sub-Saharan Africa, where there now are 14% fewer inhabitants than it would have been without the occurrence of AIDS.

Even though the deaths are tragic, living with the disease put a lot of strain on the average household. The affected families are losing income, as well as get higher expenditure for medical treatment, which impoverish households even further in an already poor part of the world. This forces many families to reduce the consumption of food, which results in malnutrition for all members of the family.

The efforts to raise awareness among the most affected populations have been quite successful during the last decades, as well as lowering the cost for the medicine needed to treat the disease, but there is still no definite cure in sight.
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